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Monday, February 20, 2006

Dot Plan: The Revival

So I guess this blog flared up briefly in the fall and died almost immediately. I'd like to bring it back, and to do things right this time. I'm shooting for bi-weekly updates, which seems reasonable. (Ignore the fact that I am competing in the Collegiate National Taekwondo Championships this week, and then flying down to Redmond for an interview with MS next week.)

As for content. I'm not terribly interested in the Quake 3 thing at this point, so hopefully somebody else will pick up. Although really, this is probably a good time to learn how to cope when a big existing code base is dropped on you. It's an important job skill. The resource management articles are going to be restarted from the beginning, due to significant re-engineering. There are now two versions, one in C++ and one in C#; I'll be discussing both soon. I'll be interleaving that discussion in between posts about the main thing I want to discuss right now, which is my completely re-engineered terrain system. Most people around GDNet know that I'm basically resident expert when it comes to geomipmapped terrains, but I haven't made a lot of noise about the redesigned system (now in C#/MDX), which is incredibly efficient. Later on I'll probably be discussing the rest of the engine architecture, which is looking like it will turn out to be fantastic. It's quite immature at the moment, though, so I want to let it settle down first. Most likely the source to the engine will be available before the blog posts discussing the design decisions in it. I'll toss up the first terrain article shortly. Hopefully this can be something that will work its way on to people's "things to read" list.


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